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Wallpaper: Removing


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Save money removing wallpaper by using thrift friendly fabric softener.  Mix the fabric softener with water, using a 1:2 ratio of fabric softener and water.  Score the wallpaper before you apply it to the wall so it will soak in deep.  Wet the wall, let it sit a few minutes, and then start peeling it off.


Here are some more tips to save money removing wallpaper.


- Wear protective eyewear when removing wallpaper to avoid glue and small pieces of wallpaper getting into your eyes.
- After you remove the outer layer of wallpaper, which you can often pull off, you need to work on the bottom layer.  Be sure and get it wet enough the you don't gouge the wall trying to scrap it off.
- A tool to score the wallpaper to let water penetrate is inexpensive and well worth the money.
- If you have a lot of paper to remove, and not a lot of time, a professional steamer may be worth
the money.



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