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Water Heaters

water heater


Thrift and water conservation go hand-in-hand.  Hot water faucets that drip waste water and money.


If you turn the temperature up to high on your water heater, it will run more and run up the bill.  If you set your water temperature higher than 120 degrees , you run the risk of scalding yourself in the bathtub. 


As your water heater is used, sediment collects on the bottom.  In order to keep your water heater running efficiently, you should drain your tank once a year.  Disconnect the power to your water heater, and open the valve at the bottom of the tank. Attach a hose to the drain valve, and empty the tank.  Be careful, as the water may be very hot.  Everyone should know how to do this, as water tanks do spring leaks, and you need to know how to empty the water.

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Frugal footnotes:


Here are some additional frugal tips to save money on water heaters.


- If you have an older water heater, install a blanket around it.  If it is newer, the insulation inside the tank is sufficient. 
- Shower use less water than baths.
- Installing a low flow shower head will also save water.
- Run full loads in both your washing machine and dishwasher to save water and electricity.





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